Band Members

Title Description
Allen Stone - Vocals, Keyboard Allen has been singing and performing in shows since he was a kid. In High School he found himself drawn to theater and other music activities while at the same time he found bands like Styx, Kansas, Journey and Queen. He grew up in the era when Mtv showed music videos and bands like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Van Halen and Poison became his music inspiration. Allen began forming bands with his brother John on the drums and eventually went his own way. In the late 80's early 90's he became the lead singer of original bands "Bite" and "Fuchsia Blue" playing live shows and recording their music. During his 25 year hiatus from singing in a band, Allen directed and performed in countless music theater productions until he joined Randy in Radio Daze in 2015. Allen is known as a vocal impersonator and strives to sound as close to the original recording artists on any song he sings. Bei... View Profile
Randy Paige - Guitar Randy picked up the electric guitar at age 14 and never put it down. Taught by his cousin, Scott Olmstead and local friends Shawn Norris & Kip Fazzone, Randy also has a natural ability to learn songs the "old school" way, by just listening to records. With 40 years of tinkering with guitars & gadgets, he has found his sound using Vintage Marshall Amplifiers from the 1960s, custom built hot-rodded guitars & Vintage "stomp box" effects pedals that isolates him from others ... and that's the reason people say "Nobody sounds like him!" Randy has been in multiple bands from his childhood to present, White Slave, Cygnus, Violence, First Things First, The Marshall Law, and Radio Daze that account for over 30 years of live gigs.... View Profile
Doug Debisschop - Bass, Backing Vocals A late musical bloomer, Doug picked up bass at age 18 and quickly fell into several bands. Over the last 32+ years he has played for notable acts such as Uncle Fester, Big Trouble, Slippery When Wet, First Things First, Backstabber/Fuse 5, XS, Without Ray, and of course, RELIC. Playing through vintage Ampeg cabinets/heads, expect to hear that deep, warm bass sound that so many of us grew up listening to. With a music philosophy of “anyone can put in a CD and listen to music, so give them a reason to come out and see you,” always expect a show full of energy, great sound, and great music!... View Profile
Matt Balemian - Drums Matt has been drumming since the age of 15 and has been blessed to have played with many musicians who have inspired him since. Starting with his hard rock days with Caged Smile back in the late 80s opening up for the likes of Joined Forces and Zebra, to his 15 year career with alternative band Under the Rose, Matt has performed live countless times and recorded five albums worth of original music. After a 10 year hiatus, Matt re-surfaced to re-invent himself with an Americana/Country band, Shotgun Siren, being further inspired by extremely talented bandmates. Fast forward to current day and the musical gods yet again sent good fortune his way to connect with the members of RELIC! To Matt, it’s all about the euphoric feel of playing with musicians who take you to another place – his brothers in RELIC do just that!... View Profile